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Lastpass doesn't work on sites like ebay and amazon

Lastpass with latest Firefox doesn't work with sites which ask for username first and password second.  Even if I delete all entries for ebay and amazon and then login manually, it won't ask if I want to save.


Any ideas?

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Re: Lastpass doesn't work on sites like ebay and amazon



Websites may prompt you for your username or email address on one page, then after you submit that information will ask for your password or code on the second page, which LastPass cannot always string together. We continue to work to improve our accuracy on common types of login forms, but if you run into any of this obstacle, you should try our “Save All Entered Data” feature. This feature force-saves any fields filled in on a login page, giving LastPass better accuracy next time you are logging in to the site:

  • Login to your LastPass account via the browser addon.
  • Go to the website whose login you need to force-save with “Save All Entered Data”.
  • On the login page, fill in your credentials (username, email address, password, etc) but do not login.
  • Click the LastPass Icon and select the “Save All Entered Data” option at the bottom of the menu.
  • Confirm the information in the save site dialog.
  • Once saved, when you return to the login page LastPass should fill the data for you.
  • You can also “force-fill” the login from the LastPass notification bar, or from the LastPass icon by selecting the site name at the bottom of the menu and then clicking “autofill”


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