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MFA non-functional in account recovery process

I'm trying to recover my account since I lost my master password. In the account recovery process I verify by SMS, which works fine, and then I'm asked to use the code from the google authenticator app (since I have MFA set up for my account). The problem is when I enter the code - the correct code that isn't timed out - I get the below message:

Please enter a valid username or one-time password.
If you are confident you are entering valid information, contact your LastPass administrator or LastPass support. One-time login may be restricted by your organization.

That's all that happens and then the recovery process stops without any prompt or screen to enter a new master password. I have no way to contact LastPass support.

I'm disappointed there's no support for functional problems and bugs in the software, even if it is a free account. I suspect I will need to reset all my passwords and stop using LP but any ideas would be helpful. Should I try a different browser or incognito mode?

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