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Master Password Problems Logged into Chrome on 2 computers

I admit, it's my fault. But I have no idea how to fix it.
I have been using LastPass for several years. I have 2 accounts, one personal and one I've used for work. They both use the exact same password (I know, not as secure, but because of the issue before, I decided to keep them the same). I use my personal LP account in conjunction with my personal Google account, via the LP Chrome app. It always works. ALWAYS. I can and have set it up on multiple computers over the years with 0 issues.
Not so with my work LP account, which I use in conjunction with my professional Gmail account. It seems like every time I try using my work LP account on a new machine, once I log into my professional Google account in Chrome, I always seem to get an "Invalid Password" error when I try logging into the LP Chrome extension. I can't even log in via the website. What I usually end up having to do is get on my home computer, go into the account settings and just "update" (not having changed anything). Then I can go back on whatever computer I'm trying to log into and it works. I've had to do this now 2 or 3 times.

However, 2 days ago I had to exchange my work Surface Pro 4 (another long story of a terrible product and bad service). Although I thought I'd prepared everything for the transfer, I forgot to sign out of Chrome and LP (I did delete Chrome but that does not alleviate the problem). This morning I went to set up LP and Master Password will not work. I'm 40 min away from home. This is such a hassle for me. Does anyone know what I could possibly do to stop it from happening?

No, using the "Password Recovery" or "Forgot Password" steps doesn't work because these are new installs on new machines.