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Master Password Recovery

My LastPass extension for Chrome has logged me out.  I don't seem to remember the master password.  This computer and browser are the original used for creating the account and are the only device and browser that I have used it on.  LastPass is able to text my phone and I have 2FA set up with Google Authenticator as well. 


The password recovery process sends me a text which I am able to 'Verify', but after that it fails saying I have no recovery passwords.


I have access to the account email, the account phone number and the account Google Authenticator.  Is this really not enough?  I'm completely screwed and need to make a new account and re-do tons of passwords?


I understand that I should have taken additional recovery steps ahead of time, but considering I can verify myself in multiple ways, I can't believe it's not good enough.





Or maybe there's some other problem here.... see above picture.  I already tried reinstalling LastPass.



However, the data is present:



Why can't it see it?

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