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Problem importing RoboForm

So, RoboForm just cut me off at the knees when FireFox went to v 57. Evaluating LP on my Ubuntu laptop. Recreated a couple of logins from scratch, then decided to try to import.
1) Click the LastPass icon in the FireFox tool bar
2) Select More Options
3) Select Import. Only options presented are "FireFox Password Manager" and "Other".
4) select Other.
Menu closes and nothing else happens.

Different approach
5) Click the LastPass icon in the FireFox tool bar
6) Select Open My Vault
7) Select More Options
😎 Select Advanced
9) Select Import
10) From the "source" drop-list, select "RoboForm"
11) Click on the resulting link "Instructions for importing from this source". This merely opens what is, in effect, a user manual: ... -roboform/
12) Click on "Importing Passwords". This takes me to ... -managers/
13) Click on "Importing Using Pre-Existing Formats".
14) Read instructions to go to step 2, above. (Can you spell L-O-O-P ?)