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New Contributor

Saving a login without password


I want LastPass to complete a login screen with ID etc. but want to manually enter the password.

I thought I do this by having LastPass save the completed login screen then going to my vault and deleting the password.

Unfortunately this did not work, as nothing was filled in on the login screen although the entry in the vault was there without the password.

Am I doing something wrong or is there another way to achieve the result I want?

Regards, David F.
Active Contributor

Re: Saving a login without password

The way LastPass is working/not working these days, I won't try to give a specific response. But, I would suggest looking at the your settings for the URL/site and playing with the 'autofill' choices. LP has been so erratic the past several months, that I occasionally see the behavior you seem to want popping up on it's own.

Good luck...