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Sharing passwords with VA in LastPass - not working

I have tried "six different ways to Sunday" to share my passwords with my VA via LastPass. I'm following the videos/instructions (it was VERY EASY), my VA accepted the invitations, and we did everything I thought was right but she's still not able to access any of the sites I've shared (Canva, Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, etc). I'm using the LastPass Trial membership to see if we are going to buy. I love the layout and simplicity of use for myself, but if I can't share access to sites with my VA, it's useless for me. Anything I could be missing??

LogMeIn Manager

Re: Sharing passwords with VA in LastPass - not working

@kkpullen What exactly happens when your VA tries to accept them? Do they see an error message or anything? It is difficult to identify what might be happening without more details about what the VA is seeing.


The most common issue with sharing is the other person has not installed the LastPass browser extension and signed into their LastPass account through it. Everyone needs to complete that step first in order to generate sharing keys on their account so they can send and accept shares. Using the mobile app is not enough, make sure your VA is using one of our browser extensions.




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