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New Contributor

Suddenly: Can't login; but no reason given.

Hi all,
starting from yesterday morning, when I'm trying to login, I get the following.
I'm 100% sure my provided password is correct. This has never yet happened to me and there was no change done to my account by myself:


To continue:

Check your inbox for an email from LastPass: bj************


Check your credentials and try again

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It happens irrespectively whether it's in my browser, the App or a new browser.

It looks like this:




Unfortunately the mail never arrives 😞 (even though the 2 first letters of the mail seem to be correct).
What can be done now?


Thank you so much

GoTo Moderator

Re: Suddenly: Can't login; but no reason given.

Hi @Bjoern59

That message usually indicates an incorrect set of credentials, but I can confirm based off your Community email that the address is correct.

Did you set up any recovery methods you can use to log in and update the password? 


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Suddenly: Can't login; but no reason given.

Hi Ash,


the problem is resolved.


The master-password was CORRECT!

Somehow Lastpass must have detected my browser as new device (my assumption) and therefore decided to send me a verification e-mail.


The verification mail was sent to my security address - and didnt arrive 6 times.

The seventh time it finally arrived and I could approve my "new device" (which, as I said, is in fact the same browser as before).