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Trusted computer still requires multifactor authentication

I'm running Firefox 57.0.4, along with the LastPass plugin 4.2.4a, and even though I check the box upon logging into LastPass to trust this computer, for the past month or more I am prompted to enter my multifactor authentication info at every login. I've seen a couple of trouble-shooting solutions on LastPass, but they don't really walk one through how to find the data to delete in order to have this work properly. Something about deleting .suid files in the Data folder for LastPass. If I am in the correct folder, I see a bunch of files, with only 1 ending in .suid, but there is 1 other one ending in .suids. Should both be deleted? Am I even in the right folder? I'm running Windows 10. Where I see the 2 files mentioned above is in a path like Windows > Users > my name > AppData > LocalLow > LastPass

and the 2 files are:

Are those the ones I need to delete?

Thank you!