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Unable to use return key when editing

I am having difficulty adding notes to site entries: I can type in the Note field but I cannot use the return key to start a new line as that instantly closes and saves the note (to a different folder). I am using Firefox. This is proving a bit of a deal-breaker for me as a new user. Any help?
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Me, too.  

I wonder if this bug is related to the other bug in which the double arrow <> button is now gone, and thus the item cannot be ENLARGED ??

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The inability to start a new line in Notes is affecting add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, and likely others. They're working on a fix, but in the meantime, here are some work-arounds.


  1. Go to the end of any line that is followed by a new line. This can be in a Lastpass Note, Notepad document, or probably any document.
  2. Hold Shift and press right-arrow key.
  3. Press Ctrl-C
  4. Go to the end of your last Lastpass Note line where you need to add a new line.
  5. Press Ctrl-V

If you are into the keyboard and there are at least two lines in your Lastpass Note, the sequence is:

Up   End   Shift-Right-Arrow   Ctrl-C   Down   End   Ctrl-V


If you are into AutoHotKey, a free, open source text expander, you can add this to your script file:

;; Type crj  on any line (if there is a line above it) to add a new line below it.

;; You can use any other abbreviation instead of crj or assign a Hotkey per AHK documentation.

send, {up}{end}{LShift}{right}^c{down}{end}^v


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I have the same issue as of today

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When I press "Enter in a notes field, it defaults to a "Save" action instead of applying a carriage return for a new line.

How do I make it add a new line?

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Funny enough, I found that I can create a new line in the notes section in last pass on my iPhone! It doesn’t save straight away instead
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How can it take days to fix a bug like this ? So annoying !

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The return key works properly in the notes field on my Android as well.

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It's very disappointing that this is a known issue and the company doesn't think it necessary to let us users know about this but instead continue to let us try to figure out what we might be doing wrong.


In this day and age there are multiple ways to connect with customers who, by the way, are still getting every promo email without fail about Lastpass.


A terrible CX by any standard.




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This does work on my phone. So, I can use that temporarily until the broader issue is resolved.


It also does not work with Microsoft Edge.