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Unable to use return key when editing

I am having difficulty adding notes to site entries: I can type in the Note field but I cannot use the return key to start a new line as that instantly closes and saves the note (to a different folder). I am using Firefox. This is proving a bit of a deal-breaker for me as a new user. Any help?
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Same here.  What the heck happened?   And the "ENTER" during editing - fails too. Does LastPass know about these two errors in the new release? The EXPAND doesn't work either.

Does the company know about these errors?  Or just the Community?



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I can confirm that the organization is aware of the issue.


I raised a ticket yesterday conveying how disappointing it was from a customer experience perspective for no one from the organization to think people should know and got a response that basically said "use Edge instead of Chrome. We're trying to resolve the issue."


That says it all.




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Thanks for the update!


I'm using the Chrome extension on my Windows laptop. 


The workaround I'm currently using is

1. Write it up in Notepad
2. Copy and paste into the LastPass Notes field

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Thanks.... Notepad++  or other text editor is a good (temporary) solution until the TEAM at Logmein figures out how to solve these 2 problems.

The second one is that we millions? are also not able to ENLARGE the notes field with the <> button.

WTH.  What the Heck?

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Please advise your Lastpasser's that short cut keys are NOT currently working for some customers.

To input notes at this time they must use right-clicks for copy, cut and paste. A hard return is made by copying the end of a previous hard return line and right-click pasting it in. Short cuts do not work. Use the old pre Windows 95 right-clicks.

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I have always been able to type ENTER to add a NEW FREAKINGLINE to a password entry NOTES box in Lastpass. Now that is BROKEN> When I type ENTER it closes the EDIT BOX for the Password.

Please allow me to type a NEW FREAQKING LINE into the password box so that I can format these NOTES with NEW LINES.




UNKNOWN Version since I'm using it in a as an ADD ON web browser and can'tg find the version

Firefox latest as of today

See above

See above

I expect to be able to use ENTER to enter a NEW LINE in the NOTES of a last pass password entry.

ENTER CLOSES the last pass password entry dialog in the add on.




LastPass extension or app version:
Web browser type and version:
Description of issue:
Steps to reproduce:
Expect behavior:
Actual behavior:
Behavior exists in different web browsers?


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@windyplayer   I apologize for the frustrations. 


Please note we have a fix prepared for this soon.  As soon as we confirm the new release is available to customers we'll update this thread.  


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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I  saw this as "fixed" 3 years ago...but it is happening again.


When editing a password.....The "ENTER" key is not functioning correctly.

It should allow the editing to jump to the next line.   If used in the middle of a text line, it should insert a <Break> and allow continued editing on the next line of text.


What happens☹️?  It abrubtly closes the editing window.   The application translates [ENTER] as [SAVE].  This is hugely frustrating, and is a step back.  

Makes it impossible to add mulitple lines as the following.

1.  John Doe

2. Jane Doe

3. Samanantha Doe


Are millions of us having this problem?  Does customer support / engineering know about this annoying issue?


-The Hopper


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Temporary workaround:

Use copy/paste to paste a newline from another note (or another application) into the note field you're editing.

It's not convenient, but it works.

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Thanks.  I refreshed this topic as a new problem.  Hope it gets visibility.  Seems like a very easy fix.