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New Contributor

Unrequested Password

Hi ,

during the last two days I'm prompted by the Firefox AddOn asking to save passwords of never actually visited sites,

yesterday and today

The requests comes visiting different sites so it is not related to a single website.

Any idea what this can be related to?



New Contributor

Same. appears to be some sort of regs (e.g., GPDR) compliance monitoring solution, and they're somehow triggering the "Add toLastPass?" prompt on a number of sites I frequent. Telling it "Never save this site" doesn't appear to have any effect.

Firefox 107.0 (build 20221110173214) with LastPass extension v4.102.1.8, Linux 6.0.6-76060006-generic.

New Contributor

FYI, the very helpful LastPass support rep I just spoke to suggested I disable the "Use improved save and fill" feature under "Advanced Options" in LastPass, and that appears to have resolved the issue for now. Don't know what I'm losing with that disabled, but if it gets rid of the pesky prompt, I'll take it.

I also tried add the domain to the "Never URLs" list in LastPass, but that DID NOT fix the issue, which is extremely frustrating. Could be iubenda's doing something weird -- like using a password input to hold a value -- but this also definitely indicates a bug with the LastPass Firefox extension; I was not able to recreate the problem in Chrome.