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You might be familiar with traditional skateboarding and you know exactly how fascinating this sport is. Therefore, you would be very excited to get yourself a brand new electric skateboard. A motorized board would provide a more thrilling experience than anything else. 

Recently, e-skateboards have become more and more popular especially with teenagers and professional skaters all over the world. The total amount of electric skateboards purchased from online sites is significantly high these days. One of the reliable websites which has many types of e-skateboard is eSkateBuddy, don’t hesitate to check out this blog because I am sure that you won’t be disappointed by the choices they have. 

Depending on your need, there are a wide range of electric skateboards on the market from the expensive option to the cheaper one. However, not all the expensive skateboards work as expected and the performance of them  isn't as good as advertised. 



Therefore, choosing a suitable motorized board is super important if you want to get an affordable board but meets all your requirements of range and performance. You may be overwhelmed with so many technical specifications about these boards such as motors, braking technology, so take your time to learn about them clearly or ask for more consulting before deciding to buy one. 

The first question that comes to your mind might be why should you get one instead of using the ordinary board? If you are a true passioner in traditional skateboarding, these e-board would give you more ease and better experience than ever. 

Now you can enjoy the surroundings instead of concentrating on the path. Moreover, an electric skateboard with the modern technologies in braking is much safer than the traditional one since it will reduce the speed of the board when going downhill. Also, they are good for beginners in skateboarding to get familiar with the movement of the board. Learning how to ride electric skateboard for beginners by hitting this link: 

One of the most popular reasons for buying an electric skateboard is to use them as everyday means of transport. You can easily carry them on any public transport like buses, traines, underground or even planes with careful packaging. 

Many people use electric skateboards to enjoy the short ride to the convenient stores or anywhere around your house instead of driving a car. E-skateboards are also used for commuting everyday and it has the perk that you don’t need to worry about the traffic jam during rush hour anymore.

With the advantage of compact design, an electric skateboard is the number one option to reduce metro fare, bus fare or even taxi. However, you need to get yourself the full kits of protective apparatuses to keep away from injuries or severe damages to your body in case of accidents. 

So how to pick the right one? The answer is simple, you need to determine your need first. If you are looking for an alternating vehicle to commute to work everyday, you don’t need a powerful one with a large battery capacity. However, if you need to travel uphill, downhill or use them for performing difficult tricks, you should get a good one with a strong motor and high capacity to meet your requirements. 

There are also a number of other things to consider before getting one such as the materials, the range, speed, ability to accelerate fast etc. 


Depending on your pocket, there are a number of options for you. If you are looking for one to experience the thrill of owning one, you may want to begin with a pocket friendly rather than an expensive one. If you are unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to ask for help from experienced skaters or the sellers to get the full description about the model you are considering. 

Motorized skateboards have penetrated the market faster than ever. However, they also have some disadvantages beside the perks in comparison with the conventional one. 

You can easily find an electric skateboard at any local skateboarding stores or online. If you are looking for a reliable website for getting one, check out this website at eSkateBuddy for the wide range of e-boards they have. At this site, you can also get other protective equipment or tools for repairing and maintenance. 


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