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New Contributor

What happened after changing vaults

ever since I switched to the new vault, last pass does fill in passwords and saves and re-saves passwords to a new reocrd. What the hell happened to this service?

New Contributor

Re: What happened after changing vaults

LastPass Mobile is dead? When I try to connect to a page, it wants me to open my internet browser from the phone and not with the LP Browser inside LastPass? What the heck happened? I'm a premium member. If this problem doesn't get fixed asap, I'll cancel my membership!



GoTo Moderator

Re: What happened after changing vaults

Hi @cvanputt 

Thanks for the outreach. 


We continue to refine the new save and fill functionality, so you can expect improvements coming very soon. If you want to temporarily disable the new behaviors you can follow these instructions:  


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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