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LogMeIn AntiVirus Beta

Hi all!


I got the mass e-mail recently that talked about a new AntiVirus provided by LogMeIn rather than Kaspersky (which I distrust like many others do)  So, I jumped in on the opportunity to save a buck and use this no cost AV solution.  I installed it on my test machines and here's my feed back so far...


1. Took forever to install.  Hours.

2. Could not find anyway to control this AV beyond the simple things.  I seriously need an AV that I can control with whitelisting of files/directories/features.  Blanket solutions don't cut it.  LogMeIn Central is aimed at business customers, right?  Well, business customers need real tools.  So that right there is probably going to be a show stopper for me on this AV solution.

3. Once the AV finally installed, it will not update and reports "license expired"  Game over...


Well, I tried it.  Defiantely not ready for release.  And likely not ever going to be unless some serious control is added to the product.  I'd like to be able to make profiles of how the AV will work for groups of computers.  Central is great at doing this for the LogMeIn side of things with Host Preferences, so the AV should follow suit and should also have this feature in the Configuration area.


Thanks for trying LogMeIn.  Looking foward to seeing if some things change on this.

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Re: LogMeIn AntiVirus Beta

@scottwilkins   Thanks for your interest!


Many new features are rolling out soon...


While the new LMI AntiVirus is still in beta testing, you can send this feedback directly to