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My plan was renewed by mistake.

LgMeIn is a fraud, dont't add your card data. They will fraud your card, it is impossible to cancel the subscription. 2 years ago I tried to cancel, today they automatically pulled money (~3000EUR) from the card although I canceled the subscription !

LogMeIn Manager

My plan was renewed by mistake.

Hi @Adrian2007,


I apologize for the frustration this issue caused you. I asked to have your account reviewed after seeing this post and was informed that you called our support and a full refund of the most recent renewal has already been issued.

This support article explains how to generate a receipt from your account showing this refund and the amount: How do I receive a receipt/invoice for my LogMeIn subscription?

Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: My plan was renewed by mistake.

I really hate the idea of non-refundable automatic renewals.  I have been a customer for years, many years, and less than a month ago it renewed.  I saw the charge on my card and decided that since I am not using the service, I don't want to renew, so I called to cancel and was told that the renewal is non-refundable per the Terms and Conditions.  Well, that's just wrong.  I barely use the service, my servers are now all VMs, my workstations are not something I access all that much (once in a while over the past few months, and then only one).  There has to be some sort of remedy around this.  I am now short $2000 for a service I don't use anymore and I have no way to cancel it.  You can bet I won't be recommending this product anymore!!!

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: My plan was renewed by mistake.

Hi @samern ,

I'm sorry if the subscription renewal took you by surprise. If you contact Customer Care by telephone, they may be able to find you a lower plan option.


New Contributor

Re: My plan was renewed by mistake.

Thanks @AshC, but I really dud want to cancel and the Customer Care rep didn't offer alternatives. I am not using the service as much as I used to and it was time to shut it down.