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One2Many Run Command to Install EXE in Silent Mode

I used the 'distribute files' task to send the EXE file to the remote computer. Now I'm just trying to run a simple command in Powershell to install the EXE in silent mode. The task finishes in a few seconds and has a status of successful but the EXE does not install on the remote computer. Anyone have any thoughts why this isn't working?

Here is the command I'm running:

start C:\DistributedFiles\SetupRST.exe /s
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: One2Many Run Command to Install EXE in Silent Mode

Does it install if you run it manually? (When running O2M you must make sure that no UI is required, it it really silent) 

Do the user have the right permission to run?

Is there anything in the logs?


Re: One2Many Run Command to Install EXE in Silent Mode

If it is truley and executable you can run silently with a parameter line why not use the Run a batch file or executable task?  (I am asking not to be snarky, but out of curiosity).


You can test to make sure your commands and strings work locally from a command line prior to using the task.  You might also get better reporting on the results.


Also, the RST install does not support /s.  The command for this install is -s.  See this for all the switches.


Hope this helps.


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