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Hamachi breaks my internet.

Never had a problem with Hamachi until now. Attempted to play 7 Days To Die on Steam with a friend of mine and it worked... For about 10 minutes. Now Hamachi is responsible for breaking my internet on multiple occasions.


Each time my friend attempts to connect to the server, it will time him out of the game (which I can see happen in the games' console window) and my internet will grind completely to a halt. Discord will disconnect, reboot and then fail to restart, web pages will refuse to load and the direct tunnel between me and my friend will become blocked.


Upon killing Hamachi with Task Manager (which is the ONLY way to stop this crap happening), the network will revert back to its previous WORKING state, until he tries to join again, and then Hamachi does it all over again. My question is, why in the everloving hell is Hamachi doing this, and what on Earth can I do to fix it? It's really starting to get on my nerves.

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Re: Hamachi breaks my internet.


Can you please follow the steps listed in this FAQ


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