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Installing hamachi made my internet slower

After installing hamachi my internet speed has become much slower. My speeds used to be 200Mbps on download and 20Mbps on upload and now they are 20Mbps download and 8Mbps upload even after uninstalling hamachi the same problem persists. This problem has been ongoing ever since I downloaded hamachi. Help is greatly appreciated Smiley Sad

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Re: Installing hamachi made my internet slower

Hello Hiddenbonus,

I was expirencing the same problem as you, but i have the solution for you. I wrote a program to fix it. I wrote this progtam and it is 100% safe, if you have any questions please ask them. Here you go! : 

If you still have doubts you can contact me on Discord at : Bosky ^^#3172

Hope this works for you, Best regards