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Slow internet speeds after installing Hamachi

I've been having this issue for so long now! For some reason, my internet is blazing fast until I install Hamachi. Certain website downloads are affected but others aren't. for instance, downloading a zip file from "" WITHOUT Hamachi shows 3 minutes left. AFTER installing Hamachi, that same file now says 20 Minutes.... Same issue happens with Microsoft's download servers, when trying to download the Windows 10 iso, Hamachi just DESTROYS the download speed when my internet is more than capable of downloading large files quickly!


Even uninstalling Hamachi leaves the same affect, almost like there's something left in the system that causes this, registry data maybe? Any pointers?

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This worked perfectly 😃

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I tried out Hamachi and noticed it slows down my internet, even when not connected.

I found the fix, for this which sorted out my download speeds, but would like to know:


Is it a 1 time fix or do I need to keep doing it?



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The solution works great and my download speed is back to normal, BUT I still have the same problem with my UPLOAD SPEED. Any news about how to fix UPLOAD SPEED too?

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I have two offices at different locations and I use Hamachi to share network between them. Both of this offices have pretty good internet connection 100/100 FTTH. Unfortunately transfer speeds using Windows explorer are not more than 900 Kb/s. Connection is green - "direct tunnel".


What could we do about that?


Thank you!



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Removing the program and restarting does not help. But when I wrote thats in the command line, this all became normal. The speed is returned to the original 9-10 MB.  


netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel = normal 

netsh int tcp set global rss = enabled 


I didn't notice this before. Please fix


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I would love to know how to do what Elinor has described if anyone could point me in the right direction?

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I installed Hamachi on both of my PCs ( both Win10).
Unfortunately I now have the problem that my upload speed is very slow.
Normally I have 50mbit upload but after installation I only have 3-5mbit upload.
The effect happened right after installation.
Nothing else was changed in the system.

What can I do ???
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Isso funcionou para o meu problema de lentidão na intenet usando windows 11, após instalar o hamachi.

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My internet speed and ping are the same after I did this, please help.

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You need to open CMD (Command Prompt) as admin and put the commands below:


Try this to check the status of Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level

netsh interface tcp show global

and if it is disabled, turn it on with

netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal

Need to be run with admin rights cmd  (and shift+ctrl when you run it).

As far as we understand it you would most likely want Receive-Side Scaling State enabled as well.

netsh interface tcp set global rss=enabled