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New Contributor

USB 3D Mouse Use

I have a 3d mouse (3d Connexion) on my host computer as well as my remote computer. I would like to be able to use my 3d mouse remotely for CAD use. My remote computer is running windows 7 and the host is running windows 10.

Are there settings changes I can make or a compatible supplementary software (like Eltima USB Network Gate) that will accomplish this task?


New Contributor

Re: USB 3D Mouse Use

Good afternoon,

I assume there has been no solution to the problem.

I am in the same boat. NX user desperately needing my spaceball for automotive cad design.

Did you find a solution elsewhere?

I look forward to your reply.



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: USB 3D Mouse Use

I'm sorry we are not fully compatible with 3D mice right now.  I've changed this thread to an 'Idea' for development considerations.