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build 13774 breaks chrome limited mode

Hi All


build 13774 breaks chrome limited mode[white screen where once a remote session was]


chrome Version 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit) in Xubuntu
I know Linux isn't supported(It should be - or is Citrix a micro$oft shill?)
13508 worked perfectly.Screenshot_2020-05-22_15-43-33.png

I can't even get the fallback mode to work! I'd be happy enough with that..


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Re: build 13774 breaks chrome limited mode


and a little digging,

13774 will work again by using remctrl.html?type=html instead of main.html

apparently the mode I was wanting but not getting is html.

the one that isnt in the 13774 ver anymore is called flash

also apparently, there are no logmein people in these forums.