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New Contributor

Best laptop to utilize Logmein

I have been using Logmein with my macbook (2015 macOS Sierra 10.12.6) while working remotely.  At work, I have a dual monitor HP EliteDesk 64bit operating system - Windows 10 Pro.  


When I work remotely on my macbook there is a serious lag and just overall poor functionality.  My work has recently told us they are reimbursing us up to $500 for any new work-from-home equipment we've purchased (through June 30th).  I want to purchase something that will be best for using Logmein but I'm not sure what.  I'm willing to spend about $800 ($300 out of my own pocket).  Do you have any suggestions?  A new laptop? Purchasing monitors and hooking up HDMI chord to my macbook?  


Please let me know of any suggestions!


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Best laptop to utilize Logmein

Hi @Otemmel ,

I would suspect that a brand new computer would automatically be a lot faster without all the background data stored from the previous.  Here's a support doc regarding current requirements and suggestions: