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New Contributor

Big thumbs up too you guys

Hi guys,
I think that this software is way ahead of its time, if you actaully think of the code behind what you are actually doing when you use rescue it really defies belief. never mind the security barrier and the way it gets round everything while still being the most user friendly app on the planet.
been using for a year now and its just great, i did notice some connection problems but im glad too say that they have been resolved.
If i was too say anything it would be too add some of the additional functionalality of reach but thats your call and probably a marketing one but as the 2 products are different and appeal to different support people they would never be a conflict in features vs price etc etc (hope that made sense)
also a billing option would also be handy. ;-)
Anyway loving your work and give yourself a big remotesupport patt on the back :-)
New Contributor

RE: Big thumbs up too you guys

I second the motion on adding IT Reach features if you can keep the overall size of the executable small and definitely add some type of billing feature!

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Retired LogMeIn Contributor

RE: Big thumbs up too you guys

Perhaps you may have something else in mind for billing purposes but couldn't you run a session report for a given date range (and then export in XML or tab deliminated) and use it for billing purposes? If you use the pin code method make sure to enter the endusers name/ company before creating the pin, and then you can sort by customer once exported...just a thought
Rob H
LogMeIn Sales Engineer