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New Contributor

Logmein rescue session logs onto different machine

'LogMeIn' rescue is experiencing an issue with remote sessions when you attempt to elevate them with Administrator rights (elevating requires starting an applet as a Windows System Service on the hosting machine).


We try and connect to a user who is within a Citrix environment on a VM. The user inputs a temporary 6 digit code on the site which we generate from the LogMeIn client at our end, this opens a chat window at the user's end. If we wish to gain Administrative rights we have to install a temporary Windows Service. Unfortunately, after the user accepts the prompt and we attempt to begin the remote session with admin rights, we then find ourselves on someone else's Citrix session.


Has anyone come across this, and know what we can do to resolve this issue? It's been happening for several months and happens often. 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Logmein rescue session logs onto different machine


Although we can't predict all the results in a VM environment, we've found Rescue connections that that do not run as a system services were successful there.