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Problem with LogMeIn Mirror Driver

Hi all!
Sorry for my English: I'm italian.
I'm writing here because I have a problem. I'm a videogamer and I'm using a 8800 GTX Geforce videocard under Windows Vista Home Premium. When I start almost all of my games (especially under Steam, if you know it), appears a message that says that I need to update my videocard drivers. This is strange, because they're always up to date. So I look in the game settings and, under "videocard", there's this thing:
Driver:  LogMeIn Mirror Driver
DirectX driver name: atklumdisp.dll
Driver version: 2.50.596
DirectX driver version:
Driver date: 12 Set 2007
So my games see LogmeIn Mirror Driver as my graphic card and not my Geforce. Then the games goes well, but this thing is very annoying.
Also, in Windows, under the hardware section, LogMeIn Mirror Driver appears in the "video cards" section, together with my GeForce.
So, my question is: is it really important this LogMeIn Mirror Driver? Is there a way to install LogMeIn without this thing?
Thanks for the answer. Bye!
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RE: Problem with LogMeIn Mirror Driver

You can just uninstall the mirror driver. Work just fine for me.
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Re: Problem with LogMeIn Mirror Driver