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Transmit microphone to remote computer

There are a couple people in my organization who are able to connect a microphone to their home computer and connect with LogMeIn to their work computer, and use the microphone through the remote connection to on the work computer (for things like softphone and web meetings). 


Whenever I use it, my microphone never shows up in the Sound options of LogMeIn. I haven't found any clear documentation either way if this is supported. Google searches land you on GoToMyPC support forums (in which I rather embarassingly posted, thinking I was in an LMI forum). 


Is this supported? What do you have to do to make it work, if anything? 

GoTo Manager

Re: Transmit microphone to remote computer

I'm sorry, I haven't heard of this capability before.  Can you get the specifics of how your co-workers are transferring audio from the client to host instead of the other way around?

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Re: Transmit microphone to remote computer

I also need this feature as I need to have online meetings from my remote labtop to my main office PC, but need to be able to speak in my remote mic and this go to the main office PC. I seems cannot make it in logmein?  Advise