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Upgrade of LogMeIn client

Hello everyone.


In the latest version of LogMeIn, it seems that I'm only able to check for new updates but not apply them. When I use the option "Check for updates", you earlier got a prompt telling you that there was an update available, and you could then deploy the update remotely.


With the recent updates to LogMeIn, that option seems to have gone out the window. I can see in the status log in LMI that there are updates available, but I'm not able to apply the updates. I also did a test with a computer in my test lab with this upgrade process, and it seems that the "There is a new update available" notice is shown to interactive users, and not non interactive users, which the LogMeIn login is.


Is there any way to apply the upgrade remotely at all with the new version, or do I have to physically have to make it out to the computers in question? Some of the computers I administrate are quite the distance away, so making my way out there is not really an option.


Any pointers anyone? Thanks in advance.


Yours sincerely Jostein Elvaker Haande 

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On the blank desktop part encountered this several times in the last two days.


Discovered that I had to go to the monitor resolution icon (the one with a screen with the diagonal arrows on each end) on the top tool bar.

Select match resolution and remote computer screen came up then.Smiley Surprised



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Is there a way to force the update check manually?


I have no notification window and I want to avoid to reinstall 😞

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Another little info:


if I configure LogMeIn to download and install updates automatically, does it that silently?

does it keeps all my configured options?


I don't want my customers abort the update by mistake or click any wrong button.

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