USB 3D Mouse Use

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USB 3D Mouse Use

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USB 3D Mouse Use

I have a 3d mouse (3d Connexion) on my host computer as well as my remote computer. I would like to be able to use my 3d mouse remotely for CAD use. My remote computer is running windows 7 and the host is running windows 10.

Are there settings changes I can make or a compatible supplementary software (like Eltima USB Network Gate) that will accomplish this task?


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Good afternoon,

I assume there has been no solution to the problem.

I am in the same boat. NX user desperately needing my spaceball for automotive cad design.

Did you find a solution elsewhere?

I look forward to your reply.



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I'm sorry we are not fully compatible with 3D mice right now.  I've changed this thread to an 'Idea' for development considerations.

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Seeing that this is still an idea, I'll offer my input:


I am using a 3dconnexion SpacePilot (discontinued). I downloaded the driver software onto both my work PC and my remote laptop. With the SpacePilot plugged into the client laptop (which is now controlling the host PC), I opened a 3d model in Autodesk Inventor and attempted to 3d orbit. It appears that there is some kind of communication happening, as the window attempts to zoom in and out with input on the 3d mouse.


When working locally, this is the same zooming behavior witnessed when you use SpacePilot without having your 3d modeling software as the active window (i.e. Inventor is open but another window is active). The driver still recognizes that there is an open 3d program, but it limits the 3d mouse functionality to the scroll (zoom) function unless the 3d program window is active. This means you can see the model zoom in and out even if Inventor is not the active window.


Without understanding a whole lot about coding/programming, I'm guessing that this has something to do with the way the client mouse interacts with the host monitor windows through the LogMeIn Client. Basically, the driver on the Client PC thinks that the active window is the LogMeIn Client, rather than the 3d modeling program active on the Host PC. Perhaps there is a way to sync up certain drivers in the same way that the clipboard syncs, or have it look for the driver on the host? Just a thought. It would be extremely useful to be able to utilize a 3d mouse remotely


(PS - Please forgive me if I am not using proper jargon, just tryin to explain it how I understand it)

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