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Serious Errors & Bugs

Okay we have a suite of bugs that's occurring on the MacOS version of LogMeIn123 Technician Console, which runs on Wine.


Bugs I noticed so far:

- Caps has to be on to use lower case

Doesn't happen every time but there are times when my Caps Lock is off but when I type on the users computer it comes out in CAPITAL letters. I have to turn my Caps Lock on to type in lower case on the users computer. Again this happens once in a blue but it does rear its head.


- Copy and paste disables text input into powershell

So when I try to copy and paste text from my Mac to the Users Powershell Application, it disables text input in Powershell. I have to close powershell and manually type out the commands. This is very annoying and is consistent every time on every users computer.


- Mouse left click stops working on Magic Mouse, have to Pause, then reconnect to regain Left Click

This is another constant bug, IDK why and I don't know what triggers it but after a random amount of time or clicks the left click will stop working. I will have to pause the connection, then reconnect to the machine to get it back. Then after a few min or a number of clicks I would have to do the same again. This would also prohibit the user from entering text. If they try to tap a field and input keys it wouldn't, it would turn an option on or close a window but not input text. They gain text input once I Pause my connection or Terminate it.


Please address these bugs, or please make a Mac App of LMI123. Heck I would even take a PWA app of LMI123. Wine is unstable at times and unpredictable.

GoTo Manager

Re: Serious Errors & Bugs

Hi @JeanApple, welcome to the community.


What version of Mac OS are you using? 


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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