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Unable to Install Android Rescue App via APK

Hi, I am a 2nd Line Support Analyst on a Helpdesk and have the task to deploy the Galaxy S10 (SM-G970F) with OS10 and OneUI v2 to all our users, we use Logmein Rescue to support approximately 650 operations staff who all have the Android Rescue app installed.

We use Idaptive to manage these devices in the field and push Apps to the devices using this product.

Recent versions of the Android App (7.12.6-45) will not install on the S10 using Idaptive App Push or manual install using the APK copied to the device and just responds with 'App not installed'
When we install the App via Google Playstore it works fine

Has something changed with the Android App so it can only be installed via Google Playstore? This would be unfortunate as none of our users are allowed to have a Google Account Configured.



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Re: Unable to Install Android Rescue App via APK

Hi Neil,

It is not currently be possible to install the APK outside of the App Store, however Rescue Customer Support can provide you with the proper APK copy for installation.  This should resolve your current roadblock.


Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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