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Have to verify login via email every time I log in

I live in China. I'm new to LastPass. I cannot understand why every time I try to open my vault I have to confirm by opening my email. I always sign in from the same device from the same IP address - it is evident in the confirmation emails. LastPass is a very useful application but if this issue cannot be resolved I will not be able to use it

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Re: Using LastPass is painful for me



If LastPass detects a login attempt from an unidentified location from any unrecognized computer, mobile device, or new IP address, a verification email is sent to the LastPass account email address (or Security email, if you have set one up) that contains a link you can click on to verify that it's you.


If you're not having IP changes,  so that we can investigate and so that you don't post any private account information publicly, could you send me a private message with your LastPass account email address? To send me a private message, please click my username to view my profile, then click the blue "Send a Message" button in the upper right.

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