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How to disable specific logins?

In Lastpass, is there a way to disable specific logins so they don't show up in un/pw fields at all?  I have some infrequently used accounts that conflict with regularly used accounts that I want to remain searchable in the Lastpass Vault, but I don't want to delete them entirely.

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Re: How to disable specific logins?

Hi @mrvco

You can prevent the in-field icon for appearing for specific site passwords. To do this, you will want to:


  1. Go to your Vault and locate the password/login credentials that you do not want to be autofilled.
  2. Hover over the item and click the Wrench icon to edit the entry
  3. Click "Advanced Settings" and make sure the "Disable Autofill" box is checked.
  4. Click Save.

This will ensure that these credentials will not be autofilled on that site.


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Re: How to disable specific logins?

I should have been more precise.  I would like to be able to disable un/pw combos entirely from showing up as an option in the pop-up drop down dialog that appears when you have more than one login for a particular website or app without having to delete them outright.