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Sound Issues

For all you Logmein experts, I need to pick your brain.  I have an issue that I can not get resolved.   I have a large conference room that can be used as one room or you can use it as two rooms.  Both sides has a TV and PC in the room.  We have ceiling speakers in the room.   Both PC's have the exact same speakers and are using the exact same AD login with same profiles.  The speakers are generic 4 k on both computers.  If I use logmein and connect to pc1 and I go to the sound settings the default is showing speak/headset as the only speakers on that pc.  If you go to the physical pc and log in with the same credentials the speakers are set to generic 4k.  2nd part if I use log me and connect to pc 2 the default speakers are correct and showing the generic 4k.   This makes it very difficult when you are troubleshooting remotely when users have issues.   So why would one pc show the correct speakers and the other one would not.    HELP

GoTo Moderator

Re: Sound Issues

Hi @hughes1

Can you please confirm the operating systems in use, the LMI software version installed, as well as the audio driver versions on each PC? 


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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