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Suggested enhancements for LogMeIn Central Login Policy & Control Panel on Desktop or Server

Suggested enhancements for LogMeIn Central Login Policy

Password Strength:

  • Strong password settings are hard-coded. It would be better to provide customers with the flexibility to set the parameters.  For example, if the enterprise company policy is 8 alphanumeric characters, including upper/lower case, numbers, and at least one special character, there is no way to enforce this policy since the settings are currently hard-coded.

 Login Process:

  • The option to set up two-factor settings at the enterprise level should be allowed without allowing the users to control where the one-time codes should be sent. The LogMeIn administrator should be able to control where to send the code.



  • The timeout is hard-coded, but it would be better to allow customers to set up the configuration. The option should still have enterprise setting for all users without allowing users to set up their own timeout.


Suggested enhancements for Control Panel on Desktop or Server:

  • The LogMeIn Control Panel on the desktop should have the option for an administrator password to access the control panel and set the parameters instead of allowing users to modify some of their settings that are not controlled by the “Host Preferences Package”. These settings include:  Send an Invitation, Share a File, Personal Password, IP Address Filtering, etc…