Approve/Deny Registration on GoToStage

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Approve/Deny Registration on GoToStage

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Approve/Deny Registration on GoToStage

I think it would be a really good idea to have the same approve/deny controls over who registers to watch videos on a Private GoToStage channel that we have over who can attend the live webinar itself. As it stands, the "private" channel really isn't all that private, as anyone could just share the link with whoever they want and then anyone can register. If a competitor got ahold of the link from maybe a potential customer who is weighing their options, there's nothing stopping them from just registering and watching the video and taking confidential information.  We'd like to ideally be able to share the link rather openly and loudly to increase visibility but then screen the registrants so that we can control who actually views the content. 


This lack of control over who can access the "private" channel kind of renders the whole concept useless, no? Unless I am misunderstanding some aspect that would give me greater control over who can and cannot see the videos. 

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Just seems amazing to me that there isn't a simple way to blacklist email domains from registering. Would be so simple to add competitor domains and freebie email domains to keep the tire-kickers and competitors out, and let valid, interested parties in.

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@david-park  We are working on a way to restrict certain domains on GoToWebinar event registration pages, which should also become available on recordings once we finalize custom registration for those in the near future.

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Is there a timeframe for this capability? Seems like something people would have wanted for a long time. Sometime in 2020?