Can I add more than 20 polls during a webinar?

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Can I add more than 20 polls during a webinar?

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Can I add more than 20 polls during a webinar?

I have a long webinar where I need to generate 30+ polls but I see there is a limit of 20. Is it possible to delete used poll questions during the webinar and add new ones as a workaround? Are there any other options to have more than 20 polls?

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Hi there,
Yes, you could potentially delete GoToWebinar Polls while in session, and add more as you go (while live).  However, I'm not sure what the reporting would look like in that scenario.  You may want to test this first, as the limit of 20 is all we can officially support right now.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Is there a way to add more than 20 custom questions on the registration page for ....

Is there a way to add more than 20 custom questions on the registration page for GoToWebinar?
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If I needed that many questions, I would create my own web page on my own web server with the questions. After the user answers the question he is given the link to the actual GoTo registration page.
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But then that person would have to "register" twice, both times giving their email address and first & last name.   

The reason i'm asking this question is because we collect license information from our attendees and we give our attendees continuing education credit to each of their licenses (of which they can have multiple). 
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There are APIs (Application Programming Interface) that some are using with GoToWebinar that handle the registration and other things. I have not done this.  Using an API might allow you to collect the information you need and tie it to the webinar registrant.

Details about he APIs

You can connect with the folks who do this and ask your question here.
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Does anyone happen to know since the GTW tool holds 20 max polling questions, if in the event you needed more than 20 polling questions. During the webinar as you use up the 20 polling questions, can you while still live with the webinar, go in to "manage polling" and add more on the fly?


Thank you

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Was just reading a previous chain on the same topic. Will give a try tomorrow and see how it works

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We use this product in conjunction with our webinars:


It permits unlimited polling for a reasonable price.

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Any plans to increase the poll limit to more than 20 questions? 

In the current all virtual environment, this limit is forcing us to look at other vendors.  We use the polling questions for reporting purposes to offer educational credit.  The 20 questions limit only allows for about 4 hours of content before all the polls have been used.  Even an increase to 40-50 would allow for an all day session.  Please consider doing this very soon!!

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In that case I now go in to "manage" delete already used pollings, then add new ones on the fly. If you delete 5 you'll be allowed to add 5 (while live with the event)