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Custom Questions for Registration

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Custom Questions for Registration

I often schedule webinars with 500+ attendees, all from within our organization.  I'd like to be able to insert a custom question during the registration process that asks them to choose their council from a dropdown.  Right now, the best I can do is ask them to list their council with no abbreviations.  This still means that I am spending precious time correcting names in order to do attendee analysis.


Is there a way to do this that I'm missing?  Or if not, could this be an enhancement for the future? Having a question type that would allow me to auto insert 113 options in a dropdown would be great!

LogMeIn Contributor

The maximum number of GoToWebinar Registration Answers for a Multiple-Choice question is currently 20.


You might consider breaking these 'council' questions down by region, departments, or groups if you need more answers than 20, and make the questions optional so that the data points won't overlap.

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Any plan to allow more than 20 options for the Create Your Own Question area?

LogMeIn Contributor

@JasonLepes Sorry, I haven't heard of any development yet on expanding the number of answers available to custom registration questions.