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GoToMeeting keeps lowering audio from other applicaitons while in meeting



An annoying issue on the new GTM client is that when you are in a meeting, it lowers the sound output from anything playing on the computer other than the GTM and there is apparently no way to stop the application from doing this.


I reverted to the previous client and I do not have any of these issues and all was fine and dandy, then this morning, the old client did not start and i was forced to use the new one and same issue is here again.


Went through all the settings I could find and nothing hints to disabling this issue to no avail.


Either disable this feature or at least give us the choice to disable it ourselves please.

GoTo Manager

Re: GoToMeeting keeps lowering audio from other applicaitons while in meeting

Hi @Benoit_MyCO, welcome to the community.


Can you provide some more details about why this is an issue for you during a meeting?  What other audio are you wanting to listen to during the meeting?


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: GoToMeeting keeps lowering audio from other applications while in meeting

Any other application that can pull audio from the PC. I do not mean sharing the audio, but be it a browser with something playing on it or notification sounds from other apps, they all get "muted" down.


By "muted" I mean about 80% decrease in volume.


It's like GTM is taking priority over all other output and there is no way to change it either from the settings both in windows and GTM itself. At least having the option to change that would be great. 


I have reverted back to the old GTM app in the meantime. Hopefully you guys will be able to set this either back to how it was in the new version or give the user something to tune that muting to their liking.