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New Contributor

Is the Rectangle feature still available?

I can't see the Labs option any longer, despite using ctrl+shift+L to add the option back.  Is there another way to get access to the Rectangle feature, or is there another way to share virtual zones/displays as if they were a separate physical display?  I need to share multiple applications, but have an ultrawide monitor, so sharing the entire screen isn't going to work.  I would love to either share the virtual zones I created with Microsoft's PowerToys FancyZones or else have some other way to share just a portion of my screen and ALL applications that are on that portion. 

GoTo Moderator

Re: Is the Rectangle feature still available?

@kbass  I'm sorry the Labs functions were phased out in the new GoTo app, though you can still share individual windows on your desktop instead of the whole screen. 


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New Contributor

Re: Is the Rectangle feature still available?

Very sorry to see the rectangle sharing feature deperecated.


Sharing an area of the screen on a large monitor was an excellent feature and allowed me to drag apps in and out of attendees's view without changing apps and resizing issues.   


Over all not impressed with the changes made so far.   


Starting to remind me of the horrible upgrade made from version 4 to version 5 of goto assist remote.   Not good and we are still wrestling with issues on that one.   Reluctant to look at GoTo Resolve based on these experiences.