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New GoTo App Problems

As I see by other posts, I am not the only one having problems with the new GoTo app.  I would love to see their reasoning for redoing everything.  Here are the issues I've had.


  1. While logged in to a client's computer, my GoTo screen will go black without notice, with only my name and the session ID showing.  The client would try everything he could find to get it back, as would I.  Something one of us did would bring my view of his desktop back, though neither of us knew what it was.  This happened at least 5 times during our session, until it just wouldn't come back.  I had to talk him through the remaining steps of the procedure I was doing.  What should have been a half-hour job took over 3.
  2. Periodically while I was working on his computer, my keyboard and mouse control would disappear.  Both his GoTo app and mine continued to say I had control.  To add to the delay,  the "Control" button on both of our windows would disappear, seemingly at random.  Each time he would scramble to give it back.  Noting other posts about the increasing lag time, I may have had control without even knowing.  He would ask, "Do you have it?", and I would have to answer "No!".  Another issue, rather minor compared to the problems above, is the need for me to click the "Control" button to take the control (if the button was indeed showing).  It should happen instantly once he gives it.  Please eliminate that step.
  3. Often while I am working on a client's computer, they will just let me work and go about their other business, sometimes even leaving for the day.  That is now impossible given the shape this "new" app is in.

Why on Earth did you try to fix what wasn't broken?


I'll try to go back to the original version.


GoTo Manager

Re: New GoTo App Problems

Hi @VictorCamp,


Sorry for the frustration, did you use the built-in issue-reporting feature when this happened? Using this feature provides our developers with important session and device information that can help them identify the cause of issues like this.



Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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