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New GoTo Issues

For an unknown reason, I was forced to install the new GoTo App over the old Windows application during a multiple day meeting. 

I now use it for 4 hours, and have the following issues with the new app. Hopefully I can find the old Windows application to get back the known features.


Issues I had:


- The performance is awful. Every click takes a second or two, even the button animations are extremly slow. The laptop I use is state-of-the-art. so the software is extremly slow.


- The remote control is not working anymore. In my meeting, I am co-moderator and sometimes click or paint on the PowerPoint presentation of the moderator. It is not working at all, with enabled remote control. Nothing happens at the presenter.


- I have two screens and with the old Windows application, I had the presentation full-screen on one monitor, and attendees, cameras and chat on the other screen. it is not possible to undock the windows from the main screen. Either I see all on one screen and cannot read the presentation screen anymore, or I have to hide everything, and cannot see the attendees and the chat. This is pointless at all.


- I  don't find the planned meetings anymore. They were located in the pop-up on the tray icon ("My meetings").


- Again, the performance is horrible. 


Any idea of the link to install the old Windows application?






GoTo Manager

Re: New GoTo Issues

Hi @christiantf,


You can switch back to the classic GoTo Meeting app to host and join meetings.

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Select the Settings icon in the left menu.
  3. Select GoTo App, then disable Use the new GoTo.
  4. The next time you join or host a meeting, you will be launched in the classic GoTo Meeting desktop app or browser.

 If you host or attend any more meetings in the new GoTo App please use the built-in reporting tool the data it captures for us helps identify issues.


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Re: New GoTo Issues




Re: New GoTo Issues

Replied to the wrong person, sorry.


I have that disabled, and can get the client to give me control.

But I am unable to actually take control, started about a week ago.