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New Contributor

New Goto App recording (webm) quality

The video quality of the recordings (webm files) is very poor compared to the converted mp4 in "classic" app.


It would be great if there were some video quality settings for recording in the new app, or general improvement in recording quality.



GoTo Manager

Re: New Goto App recording (webm) quality

Hi @sheepfarmer9299, welcome to the community.


Can you please provide some details about the computer you hosted and recorded on? What operating system does it run, and what is the screen resolution?


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: New Goto App recording (webm) quality

Hi Glenn,


the computer is a Windows 10 Laptop with Intel i7 4-core CPU and 32GB RAM

Screen resolution is 1920x1080


Did 100s of hours of recording with GotoMeeting classic so far without any quality hiccups.


Thanks much



Active Contributor

Re: New Goto App recording (webm) quality

facing the same problem.. very poor recording quality on the new app + WebM format

the old app and converter to mp4 worked like a charm with excellent video quality on the same laptop compared to the pathetic WebM format that is available now.