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Recent Program Update Issues - Camera and Session Drops and Sags

We have been using GTM now since about 2003- and I worked at Citrix when we started.


Since the upgrade of the client - we've had users have many connectivity problems that occurred inside GTM as we've checked the speed and strength on both ends. An IT security specialist we have on-staff confirmed that there were no dropped or sagged sessions on the WIFI and carrier side.


Secondly, over the past 5 weeks since the Client Upgrade, in about 40% of our sessions, the customer can't turn on their camera.  We check for the camera running in TASK but it's clear. Sometimes, someone will press the camera button, with no results, only to have it magically come on 4-5 minutes later in the session and they've pressed nothing.


While it's convenient to blame the end user, this has only been happening since the Client Upgrade, and it's pervasive for our clients.


We have a demo  meeting with Zoom next week as a result. This is costing us business.