Devices screen Sort and Find fields

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Devices screen Sort and Find fields

Devices screen Sort and Find fields

On the Devices screen, 'Not in a Group' grid, you're able to Find by - Device nickname, Host name, last logged in user, and get a list of matches but not by a partial IP address. Ex: 10.23.1 (Please include or provide a Filter by for this field)

Also, when you are using a field to Sort by, indicated by the  ^ caret, then perform a Find by and view the result, when you clear the Find and are returned to the 'Not in a Group' grid, you are no longer Sorted by the same field, the sort field is cleared.

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On the Devices screen, within the 'Not in a Group' grid, users currently have the capability to perform a search using various criteria such as Device nickname, Hostname, and last logged-in user to get a list of matches. However, there is a limitation in that partial IP addresses (e.g., 10.23.1) cannot be used for searching. It would be beneficial to include a filtering option specifically for partial IP addresses to enhance search capabilities.

Additionally, when utilizing the Sort functionality indicated by the caret (^) to arrange the data based on a specific field, and subsequently performing a Find operation and viewing the results, the sorting preference is lost when clearing the Find and returning to the 'Not in a Group' grid. It would be advantageous for the sorting preference to persist even after clearing the Find operation, allowing users to maintain their desired sorting order.

These enhancements would improve the usability and efficiency of the Devices screen, providing users with more comprehensive search options and preserving sorting preferences for a seamless user experience.