Help Desk - Call back number field

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Help Desk - Call back number field

Help Desk - Call back number field

Although the Help Desk feature works great and allows our team to keep our ticketing and remote support system within one platform, there are a couple of things that could improve.


We moved from Spiceworks to GotoResolve for ticketing and noticed that the user portal is very general. Is there a way to have a portal where the organization can customize fields?  My organization has over 365 locations that can be serviced on any given day, we do not know everyone so it's useful to have a field that asks for a call back number or extension of the user. 


Another field would be for the person to select their state. In our organization we deal with states and multiple languages. Previously, we had customized our portal for such necessities. These things allowed our techs to immediately identify the users for a quick follow up call and support.

GoTo Contributor

Hi LouPavao!


Thank you for your feedback, we're glad that the helpdesk is to your liking.


We are currently working on adding custom ticket fields to the helpdesk, which we are planning on releasing in early Q2.


After that, we plan to further improve this by allowing these fields to also show up in the portal.

GoTo Manager
Status changed to: Delivered