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Patch Management

Patch Management

The ability to ignore or disable specific updates would be nice. We currently run Windows 10 machines as we are in the process of testing Windows 11 and it has become more tedious to send out OS updates because I have to individually select all of the updates and then unselect the Windows 11 update. This isn't a problem with a couple computers but with 80 its tedious and time wasting. 

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Radu here, Product Manager on GoTo Resolve.


We are in the process of setting up all the needed infrastructure  and building this feature in Resolve.


I can notify you when the feature is available and if you are interested I can also show a prototype so you can tell us how it meets your business use case and give us feedback.

Please send your email as a PM if you are interested.


Best regards,


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Also, some applications or equipment, as an example medical devices are not compatible with Windows 11; that leaves the IT team wasting time selecting the updates manually


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It would help if you also gave information on how to PM you to get notification of a new feature.