replies to closed tickets reopens the ticket

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replies to closed tickets reopens the ticket

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replies to closed tickets reopens the ticket

It would be nice to have a reply to a closed ticket reopen the ticket. This would pop it back up in the queue so that it would be readily noticed. Currently, I filter out closed tickets because they would take up too much screen space. This means that I have to sort through emails as well as turning off my filter to see if someone may have responded that the issue was not really resolved or that it came right back after we closed the ticket.


Now, we have to wait for the user to contact us another way to let us know the issue was not fully resolved.

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Status changed to: Delivered



We have released an update to the helpdesk last week which includes this specific feature as well. 


Please try it out and let us know what you think.

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It is working well. I was able to reopen the ticket by commenting in the portal or by replying to an email.