May GoTo Resolve Product Update!

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May GoTo Resolve Product Update!

GoTo Contributor

Welcome to the first GoTo Resolve community product update. Going forward, we plan to provide a monthly update of all the great features that have been released and plan to be released in a given month’s time frame. Of course, you can always keep a real-time pulse on releases with our release notes.


We don’t want this to be a one-way post, so please share feedback on the released and planned features, as well as any suggestions for future enhancements.  Now on to the update!


Recently released:


Slack Integration

This GoTo Resolve app brings conversational ticketing to Slack, helping streamline the support experience. End-users and agents can both use the GoTo Resolve app in Slack to provide and receive ticket-based support.


The following features are available in Slack:

  • Configure multiple Helpdesk services (e.g., IT Support, HR Support, etc.)
  • Open, comment, and manage tickets, and receive ticket notifications
  • Start remote support sessions

End user ticket creation.png


MacOS love

We’ve released two updates for businesses supporting Mac devices to help bring parity to the way your support different devices in your ecosystem.

  • MacOS mass deployment. You can now install the GoTo Resolve host software en masse on MacOS devices with a PKG installer.
  • Remote Execution for MacOS.  This extends our innovative task automation capabilities to Mac devices, giving you the ability to create up to 20-step automated scripts for things like restarting devices, pushing files, running scripts, etc. 

Device Installer Options.png



GoTo Resolve mobile Agent app update

Did you know GoTo Resolve had an agent app for iOS and Android? And it just got a major update to make support “when you’re away from your desk but that urgent request pops up” even easier. With this update, you can now access and manage deployed devices, and see reporting.


The mobile agent app now allows for:

  • Seeing all deployed devices
  • Accessing Device Quick View on all deployed devices
  • Running unattended and ad-hoc remote sessions
  • Accessing reporting




Helpdesk enhancements

We’ve received some great feedback on Helpdesk and appreciate your patience as we build out more Helpdesk functionality overall. This past week we’ve rolled out a few much-requested features, these include:


  • Ticket notification via Email. When a helpdesk ticket is created you will now receive a notification email. All agents assigned to the helpdesk service will receive the notification.
  • Pagination added to Helpdesk queue. In the Helpdesk list view, you can now select how many tickets to display on a page and use the arrows to navigate between pages.
  • Drag and drop tickets in card view. Move tickets between columns to update status right from the card view.


That wraps up SOME of the release highlights from the past few weeks. There were many other enhancements released as well, so make sure to check out our release notes.



On Deck Features


With those features in our rearview mirror, let me give you a quick update on some of the bigger items planned for the weeks ahead.


  • Multi-Agent Collaboration.  Bring in a second pair of “support” eyes with this feature that will give agents the ability to invite in a second support agent during a remote support session.
  • Background File Manager. Need to transfer or manage files on a remote device but don’t want to go through the hassle of connecting to the device or disrupting the end user, with this coming update that won’t be a problem.
  • Remote Terminal Access. For agents that want to take actions behind the scenes, the remote terminal access offers a fully functional command prompt on deployed devices to take care of most, if not all, administration tasks.
  • Android Unattended Access. Have POS systems, tablets, or other Android devices that need support without a user present? Once this Android app update is released, you’ll be able to easily connect to these devices and support them as if you were sitting in front of them without an end user needed.
  • In-session experience enhancements. As always, there is ongoing upkeep and improvements to the remote session experience. Over the coming weeks, we have plans to improve things like zooming capabilities, keyboard mapping, and more.


Hopefully, you find this update and ongoing updates like this helpful. Please share your thoughts and feedback on what’s been released, what’s coming, and what you’d like to see!


Chris Savio

Director, Product Marketing




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