Auto refresh Unattended Computers list

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Auto refresh Unattended Computers list

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Auto refresh Unattended Computers list

I've mentioned this before and I've searched the forum but I don't see a definitive outcome.
Maybe I missed it.  Nonetheless:

I find that I will keep the My Unattended Computers list open or when I open it, if one notices the pastel data in the lower left hand corner it says: e.g. "Refreshed 4 days ago"

The list is worthless if it's 4 days old; or 1 hour old.
The list should refresh itself frequently in order to be in the main stream of applications - web-based or not.

Here is an example:
I just tried to connect to a computer that I need to work on.  I couldn't find it on the list!  We had changed its IP address and I had changed its label/name accordingly.  Eventually I figured out that the list was quite stale.  I *do not* remember this being the case in the past so it's always a big and unwelcome surprise.

So, can it be done?
If not, why not?
What's the rationale?
At least if one understands then they might not be so bitchy.